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The best MIG/MAG/FLUX CORED welding technology

The best welding technology is the one that is born from the experience of the great specialist.

The Clock Method was created by Ed Craig, a welding specialist, engineer with more than 45 years of experience in MIG, MAG,Flux Cored, TIG, Plasma and other welding processes. Ed developed his experience as a welding engineer and specialist in training, organization and management, improvements and decision maker in real welding manufactures such as GM, Chrysler, Ford, Toyota,Honda, BMW, Mercedes, VW, the nuclear and energy industry, shipbuilding, vessels under pressure, piping, light and heavy alloys, various manufacturing plants.
Ed Craig gathers and cultivates his experience in four, very valuable books.

"A Management & Engineers Guide to MIG Welding Quality Costs Training"

"Manual and Robots - MIG Weld Process Controls"

"Flux Cored and MIG weld process controls"

"Manual MIG Welding Process Control"

Anyone, who is into welding, anyone who is looking for his fundamental and specific welding decisions, anyone who is looking for his quality welds, anyone who is looking for his high productivity, needs the specialized information,presented in these books. You can read more or order directly from Ed Craig on his website


After that, you can connect to specialists from Elica Ltd., who have experience and successfully apply the CLOCK METHOD in welding production. They can help you integrate the CLOCK METHOD in your company.

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