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MIG Transit Spray & MIG Transit Sprayer - The best MIG anti spatter technology!
Please,watch the short film to see it in action.

Notice:A single dose of 135 ml fluid is enough for burning 500 kg welding wire.Pure protection of the MIG gun consumables and 50-100 % protection of welded parts.

The MIG Transit Sprayer 135 - The most popular model .At about the price of two spools of your quality welding wire.

The MIG Transit Spray 135 ml - A single dose of the special anti spatter fluid. At about the cost of a single aerosol spray.Enough for burning 500 kg of welding wire.

Our Record: This gas nozzle has been 8 months in active use for!!!

These welding gun consumables have been used for different periods/1 - 3 months/ under pure anti spatter protection.

Rings of spatters easy removed by hand from the front of the gas nozzles as shown in the film.