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MIG Transit Spray & MIG Transit Sprayer - The most effective anti-spatter product

-The product is compatible with all of the welding gases: Carbon Dioxide , Argon, Argon Based Mixtures, Helium, Hydrogen, etc

-Applicable in the welding of:
Carbon Steel, Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel, Bronze, Hard Facing,etc

-The System may be tuned according to the various requirements of levels of diffusion hydrogen.

-It is easily mounted on any existing manual, automatic or robotic MIG/MAG welding system.

When MIG/MAG welding process is used, welding spatters are common problem. When welding is being carried out, the spatters stick permanently to every adjacent to the welding zone, surface also the gas nozzle, the contact tip, the gas distributor, the nozzle holder and welding details. The spatters collect on the gas nozzle and contact tip and hinder the free exit of the welding wire and laminar stream of the welding gas. These spatters also stick permanently to the welding details and lead to expenditures for their cleaning.

The presented product uses a Method in which the welding gas, which is a natural component of the MIG/MAG welding process, is used for generating and transiting an anti-spatter mist into the welding zone, where an effective anti-spatter shield of the welding hand piece and welding details is carried out.

The Method is carried out via device (MIG Transit Sprayer) ,created with the goal of generating a precisely adjusted quantity (level) of shielding anti-spatter mist, which is transitied by the welding gas into the arc burning zone, where the shielding mist eliminates or reduces the effect of adherence of welding spatters.

The anti-spatter-fluid-containing device is a tightly sealed chamber placed between the source of the welding gas and the welding hand piece, in which the welding gas passed through a special nozzle, submerged in an anti-spatter liquid, comes out in the form of a jet stream with a specific form and generates a specific amount of fine mist, comprised of separate molecules or groups of molecules of the special anti-spatter fluid. The welding gas is collected in the space above the surface of the liquid, along with the generated anti-spatter mist. From there the welding gas transits the shielding mist through the whole welding gun into the arc burning zone.

The device is fed with a working fluid (MIG Transit Spray). The fluid represents a mixture in specific limits of hydrocarbons /natural or petrol distilates/, mineral oils / natural or petrol distilates/ and corrosion inhibitors. The working fluid in the device is dispersed in the welding gas in the form of a shielding anti-spatter mist, via the passing of the welding gas through it.

The Anti-Spatter liquid (fluid) is designed to be able to form a mist with the necessary shielding properties,which have to be transited from the welding gas to the outlet of the welding hand piece, in a stable condition.
It is accepted that, during the welding process, the anti-spatter mist creates a slight condensation on all contacting surfaces in the arc burning area. This condensation is evaporated by the heat of the welding arc and by the impacts of hot welding spatters, but a new condensation is simultaneously formed from the constantly incoming shielding anti-spatter mist. It is considered that the above written, including the fact that the welding spatters contact with the shielding mist during their flight, does not allow them to stick to these surfaces. The process is continuously resumed.


The expense of the MIG Transit Spray for one spool of welding wire (15 kg) is only 5 ml.
The expense of the MIG Transit Spray for a ton of welding wire is only 335 ml.
For comparison one bottle of welding spray contains 400 ml, from which effectively not more than 30% is being used, while the rest is lost in the atmosphere.

MIG Transit Spray & MIG Transit Sprayer are products which are developed and produced by the company Elica Ltd. At present, the products are realized successfully at big robotized manufacturing companies in the UK, USA, Russia and others.
There are negotiations which are held with many other, interested in the products, companies in Germany, India ,Turkey and others.

A representative of MIG Transit Spray & MIG Transit Sprayer with exclusive rights Ian Hamilton Engineering (UK) www.spattershield.co.uk

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