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The most effective welding process in existence

TIP TIG is a semi-automated modified TIG process, intended for manual and automated welding. The patented TIP TIG wire-feeder feeds hot welding wire into the area of the TIG arc. TheTIP TIG arc attains it`s weld current from a regular TIG power source. In contrast with the ordinary hot wireTIG process , with the TIP TIG process, the welding wire enters into welding pool, while on his movement there is an oscillation (an additional linear movement back and forth) applied with a specific frequency.
This unique movement stirs up the welding pool and generates kinetic energy in it, subverting the forces of surface tension. This ensures a better fusion, allows impurities and gases to come to the surface and improves the wetting of the surfaces, resulting in higher rates of welding material deposition.
TIP TIG is very easy to use.
TIP TIG welds all metals and alloys and all applications.

TIP TIG ensures to your Company, welding and hardfacing in qualitative levels much higher than the ordinary TIG, PLASMA, PULSED MIG, MIG SPRAY, MIG Short Circuit, MIG STT, MIG RMD, MIG CMT, Flux Cored welding processes.

Welding materials:

Super Duplex
Stainless Steel
Zinc plated materials
Mild Steel


Manufacturing stainless steel products
Duplex and Super Duplex pipes with thick walls
Tanks and Wessels
Hardfacing and covers
Aluminum industry
Food industry
Precision metal processing
Defense technologies
Space industry
Car industry
Nuclear industry
Hydraulic elements and systems
Small and large manufacturing of welded products
Repair activities

TIP TIG benefits:

- TIP TIG offers 100% (x-ray) quality welds
- TIP TIG has the same welding speeds as PULSED MIG, but with a higher quality than TIG
- TIP TIG is easily automated and reaches high production levels with the use of hot welding wire
- TIP TIG ensures clean surfaces after welding
- TIP TIG ensures superb metallurgical and mechan
ical results with all metals and alloys - Low heat deposit = low level of distortion = few repairs = saving costs
- Low level of noise
- No spatters
- Minimal level of released gases

TIP TIG advantages:

- TIP TIG heat source can be connected to any water-cooled TIG source. TIP TIG also ensures it's own unique TIG source.
- TIP TIG ensures high levels of metal deposit compared to the ordinary TIG, so that the value of the welding gas is drastically decreased .
- TIP TIG utilizes standard 15 kg spools of welding wire in contrast with the cut wire for the normal TIG process, because of which the costs for the welding wire are drastically decreased. TIP TIG also produces a better quality than the Flux Cored process quality, which ensures a 30% better quality than MIG/MAG.
- TIP TIG doesn't require a high experience of the welder. A very short time for training is required.

- TIP TIG ensures better quality with manual welding than the standard TIG and is better than all the methods of welding transfer with the MIG/MAG and Flux Cored processes.
- TIP TIG welds are usually 3-10 times faster than the traditional TIG.
- TIP TIG, in contrast to the traditional TIG, ensures higher welding speeds, lower energy deposit, decreases the distortions and ensures lower welding stresses.
- TIP TIG, in contrast to the traditional automated TIG, with or without hot wire, ensures higher welding quality and the process is minimally sensitive to variations.
- TIP TIG always ensures better welding fusion, requires less preparation of the welding pieces, saves labour and consumables.
- TIP TIG ensures higher quality in every welding position compared to all gas-shielded Flux Cored wires and provides minimal level of released gases.
- TIP TIG drastically reduces welding defects in the beginning and completion of the welding joints, which are common with the PULSED MIG, Flux Cored and traditional TIG processes.
- TIP TIG ensures superb welding quality in every welding position with welding speeds, which are typical for Flux Cored and PULSED MIG .
- TIP TIG, in contrast with MIG SPRAY and PULSED MIG, ensures far better control of the welding pool for every weld.
- TIP TIG Brazing is as fast as MIG Brazing.
- TIP TIG can also be used for manual or automated welding, hardfacing, brazing, with welding robots and every automated welding system.
- TIP TIG generates low level of released gases.
- TIP TIG requires minimal change in parameters with complicated welds. This saves welding procedures.
- TIP TIG feeder provides the opportunity for retaining on a variety of programs.

The characteristics of a complete weld (surface, density, mechanical and metallurgical properties) with use of TIP TIG, allows for a high standard of welding production.
Elica Ltd. is an exclusive representative for TIP TIG, with the rights being given from the Manufacturer. ( www.tiptig.com )